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Umbrella Bookkeeping work with small to medium sized businesses to provide a flexible, professional financial service. We will ensure your business is on track, with monthly management accounts and financial analysis.
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Bookkeeping in Hurstpierpoint - Umbrella Bookkeeping

Reliable Bookkeeping 

Umbrella Bookkeeping are an independent team of expert Bookkeepers who help a range of small to medium sized businesses across East Sussex. We work directly with your accountant to ensure your business is on track with financial analysis and monthly management. We will provide your accountant with the relevant information, accounts which will save some of your accountants duties and in turn will save you money on your accountants annual bill. This will give your accountant time to concentrate on devising your tax strategies and producing your tax return in a timely manner. This gives you the time to prepare for tax liabilities so that you can produce the necessary documents in due course.

Gersha founded Umbrella Bookkeeping after working for 10 years in a premier financial institution in Brighton. She identified the need for a cost effective solution for small to medium sized businesses to suit their financial needs. Many small to medium businesses can't afford to employ their own private Bookkeeper - therefore this offers a low cost solution on a temporary or permanent basis. By keeping up with essential management and account preparation, as well as having a Cashflow forecast vs Actuals and key performance indicators, you can see how your business is performing and what areas could do with improvement.

Your Future Covered

By leaving bookkeeping and accounts preparation to your accountant at
year end your business is not keeping track of essential management
information throughout the year. We will keep on top of all your financial analysis so you don't have to!


At Umbrella Bookkeeping, we prioritise offering our clients a flexible service, with a range of pricing options, from one-off ad-hoc work to a more regular bookkeeping service, you can choose the option that best suits your business needs: 

Ad-Hoc (£25.00 per hour) - For one-off jobs that you are unsure exactly how long they will take. This service is perfect for those clients that do not feel the need for the regular service of a bookkeeper. If appropriate, after having fulfilled your ad-hoc job, you may want to discuss a more regular service.

Regular (£22.50 per hour) - If you need services on a more permanent basis then we suggest using our regular pricing structure with the added benefit of a reduced hourly rate. This is our most popular service by far. However, we can also provide fixed rates (see below).

Fixed Price Rates Available - Fixed price rates are available for those clients that know precisely how long they want us to work on their bookkeeping and financial analysis needs every week, month or year.  This pricing structure is available once we have discussed your exact needs and we both agree on the time spent and services to be provided.

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Don't let your finances put a burden on your business. Leave it to us so that you can concentrate on providing the best service for your clients. Contact us today on 01273 761061 or email to arrange a free consultation and take the first step to financial assurance. 

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Gersha Newnham
about the founder

After working for many years in a financial institution in Brighton I decided to grasp the opportunity to set up Umbrella Bookkeeping services, I recognised the need for small to medium sized businesses to have a more cost effective solution for their bookkeeping and financial needs. If you are a small business who needs help keeping on top of your finances, I can work on a basis to suit your needs and budget.

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