Benefits of a Bookkeeper in Brighton, Sussex

Are you seeking a reliable bookkeeper in Brighton?

We will provide you with all the tools that you need to make sure that your business is on track, providing you with monthly management accounts and financial analysis. By reducing the duties of your accountant we can save you money on your annual accountant’s bill.

We will work alongside your accountant at year end to provide them with relevant information and accounts, therefore streamlining the year end process; enabling your accountant to concentrate on devising tax strategies and producing your tax return in a timely manner.  This in turn allows your business  more time to be made aware of its tax liabilities, letting you produce all the necessary information in due time.

If you do not require bookkeeping or financial analysis on a regular basis then we are also able to provide ad-hoc work, as necessary. Ad-hoc work is priced at a very reasonable £22 per hour or a reduced rate of just £20 per hour is charged for those who require a regular bookkeeping service. We have fixed price options for those clients who know exactly long they want to use our services, simply get in touch to discuss this option further. Our aim is to be as flexible as possible and provide our customers with all the requirements they need, by fitting around you.

Most of all we have a strong work ethic, are enthusiastic about what we do and will drive results for your business allowing you to concentrate on more important factors like building relationships with your customers and building your business.

Call today for a free consultation and take the first step to financial assurance.

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