Bookkeeping in Portslade

We work with small to medium sized businesses in Portslade and across West and East Sussex. Providing a flexible and cost effective bookkeeping and financial analysis service, equipping you with the necessary tools to ensure your business is on track.

How can we help you today?

Cost Effective Bookkeeping Service in Portslade

Welcome to Umbrella Bookkeeping - we are independent firm of bookkeepers, working with a range of small and medium sized businesses in Portslade and across East and West Sussex. We work with companies from a range of different industry sectors, supporting their businesses in achieving a more cost effective solution for their bookkeeping and financial needs.

Gersha, the founder of Umbrella Bookkeeping, worked for many years in a Brighton based premier financial institution and recognised the need for small to medium sized businesses to
have a more cost effective solution for their bookkeeping and financial
needs. Many companies leave bookkeeping and accounts preparation to their accountant at the year end but this means your business is not keeping track of essential management
information throughout the year. By having this information to hand, as well as a Cashflow forecast vs
Actuals and Key performance indicators, you can see how your business is
performing and most importantly in which areas it needs attention. Living and working in Sussex, Gersha fully understands local business conditions, which enables her to impart detailed support and advice that exceeds your average bookkeeping service.

How much does a Bookkeeper cost?

For many small and start up businesses, bookkeeping is a whole new world which in turn brings much confusion. Our friendly and approachable manner allows us to work closely with you and your company, eliminating the confusion so you understand exactly what needs to be undertaken and the reasons behind this. We understand the needs of keeping costs down for businesses, that is why we offer a versatile range of pricing options, from one-off ad-hoc work to a more regular service, there is something to suit everyone:

Ad-Hoc (£25.00 per hour) - For one-off jobs that you are unsure exactly how long they will take. This service is perfect for those clients that do not feel the need for the regular service of a bookkeeper. If appropriate, after having fulfilled your ad-hoc job, you may want to discuss a more regular service.

Regular (£22.50 per hour) - If you need services on a more permanent basis then we suggest using our regular pricing structure with the added benefit of a reduced hourly rate. This is our most popular service by far. However, we can also provide fixed rates (see below).

Fixed Price Rates Available - Fixed price rates are available for those clients that know precisely how long they want us to work on their bookkeeping and financial analysis needs every week, month or year.  This pricing structure is available once we have discussed your exact needs and we both agree on the time spent and services to be provided.

Essential financial services for your business

Our financial service provides your company with the tools you need to make sure your business is on track. With monthly management accounts, financial analysis and budget forecasts, the duties of your accountant are vastly reduced - saving you money on your accountant’s annual bill. We work alongside your accountant at year end, providing them with the relevant information and accounts, streamlining the year end process and enabling your accountant to concentrate on devising tax strategies and producing your tax return in a timely manner. This in turn affords your business with more time to be made aware of its tax liabilities, letting you produce all the necessary documentation in due time. 

Most of all we have a strong work ethic, and will drive results for your business allowing you to concentrate on more important factors like building relationships with your customers, and building your business.


Our team have a strong work ethic and are focused on driving results for your business, allowing you time to concentrate on more important factors like building relationships with your customers. We are a friendly and approachable team, who pride themselves on assisting and helping businesses to develop and grow. If you would like to chat through your financial requirements then please feel free to give us a call on 01273 761061 or email to arrange a free consultation and take the first step to financial assurance for your business.